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Grape Powder
June 25, 2016     07:15 AM US Central
At Trout Springs Winery we look to use all parts of our crop. Recently we've expanded our products to include grape powder. This powder is made up from the remaining grape seeds and skins after the juice is pressed out. After pressing all the juice out the remaining pulp is pulverized into a powder that can be used for many facets of health related products.

What's in grape powder you might ask? The simple answer is that many antioxidants and polyphenols are found in this product. One of those elements found is a naturally occurring phenol called Resveratrol. Resveratrol, along with the rest of the antioxidants and polyphenols have been found to help reduce blood pressure, act as an anti-inflammatory,and some studies have been done to show that it helps against overall aging effects. In general the studies are relatively new on the long term effects, but those studies that have been completed show a wide range of benefits in taking this natural supplement.

Trout Springs Winery has developed a special process to extract the moisture so that the grape skins and seeds are never exposed to more than 32 degrees fahrenheit. Heating the product to higher temperatures has proven to decrease the efficacy of the many polyphenols and flavonols present in the skins and seeds. We also insure that grapes from our 5-acre vineyard never get any exposure to any chemicals or toxins by using Best Standard Practices in our state inspected processing facility. In addition, no fillers or flours are ever added to any of our products insuring our products are 100% grape skins and seeds. Turkish scientists along with Oregon State University recently discovered that grape skins and seeds can be used as a natural preservative in products like yogurt, cheese, and other baked goods. Grape skins have also been developed for use as a bio-degradable packaging material. The many uses for this amazing product continue to grow and expand from womens cosmetics to dietary and fiber supplements and food preservation. The uses for natural grape skins and seeds are just beginning to surface, and the future of this product seems limitless to the potential of what can be done. Trout Springs Winery has experimented with this new product in many different forms. We've used it in a supplemental pill, incorporated it into baked goods, added it to our favorite cheese, and even used it in skin care applications. Be sure to contact us or stop in at the winery to get more details on our grape powder products. Powered By ColdFusion
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